Wir vom Impact Hub Basel sind eine wertorientierte Community von Mitgliedern und Organisationen, welche bestrebt ist, die Sustainable Development Goals der UN zu erreichen und einen positiven Einfluss auf die Welt zu erzielen.

Wir streben danach Sozialunternehmer und nachhaltige Innovatoren durch eine lebhafte Community, wertorientierte Inhalte und ein inspirierendes Coworking zu unterstützen.

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Impact stories

Our Stories section is home to member blogs and news from Impact Basel. Click through to read about learnings from peers on their impact journeys. You can also catch up from events and see what exciting things the community is working on.

Impact Hub's incubated startup SHAREaLOOK creates a rental fashion hub
In September 2020, KLEIHD by SHAREaLOOK will open its doors to Zurich residents. The ongoing crowdfunding campaign #sustainkleihd should contribute
August 11, 2020 | Impact Hub Basel
Explore Dreispitz A to Z
Tired after a long day working in our coworking space at Dreispitz, Basel? Hungry and want to explore offers around our space? Impact Hub Basel has
August 3, 2020 | Impact Hub Basel
The Way We Work
Ever wonder how Impact Hub Basel team members are collaborating? While we would very often write about what we do, this blog post might give you a
Juli 15, 2020 | Impact Hub Basel
SwissCovid App is here!
SwissCovid, Switzerland's COVID-19 contact tracing App is now launched! Impact Hub Basel would highly encourage all of you to download the SwissCovid
Juni 26, 2020 | Impact Hub Basel
We are (safely) reopening
WE ARE REOPENING! Yes, you are reading this right! As of next Tuesday, 2 June, we will be reopening our coworking space, meeting rooms, event
Mai 29, 2020 | Impact Hub Basel
COVID-19 Update
It has been 5 weeks since we've started working from home and closed our Hub to the public. It was and still is a turbulent time full of new
April 20, 2020 | Impact Hub Basel
A hacker's #VersusVirus experience
If you would have asked me a couple of months ago if I would participate in a hackathon and lock myself up during a weekend when it would be more
April 8, 2020 | Impact Hub Basel
Covid-19 Update and VersusVirus – the Swiss hackathon against Covid-19
Due to the latest updates from the government, we decided that Impact Hub Basel and Café spurlos will remain closed to the public until further
März 30, 2020 | Impact Hub Basel
Resources for collaboration in the face of COVID-19
We can still COLLABORATE - To #InspireAndCreateChange has been our mantra since the very beginning here at Impact Hub Basel, and this will not
März 20, 2020 | Impact Hub Basel
COVID-19 Containment Measures
We have decided to close our Coworking space, Impact Factory and Café spurlos to the public, including external guests of members as of 18:00
März 16, 2020 | Impact Hub Basel
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