Impact Hub Basel ist eine wertorientierte Community von Mitgliedern, die danach streben die Nachhaltigkeitsziele zu erreichen und einen positiven Einfluss auf die Welt zu erzielen. Somit streben wir danach Sozialunternehmer und nachhaltige Innovatoren durch unsere lebhafte Community, Förderprogramme und unseren inspirierenden Coworking Space zu unterstützen.

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Impact stories

Our stories section is home to member blogs and news from Impact Hub Basel. Click through to read about learnings from peers on their impact journeys. You can also catch up from events and see what exciting things the community is working on.

Meet the 2021 Incubator Cohort
The Impact Hub Basel Incubator is a local 1- year incubator program supporting impact-driven post-ideation startups in Basel who contribute
Februar 26, 2021 | Impact Hub Basel
2020 is over, the Corona crisis is not
2020 is over, the Covid Crisis is not. And as a beacon of democracy has been severely shaken in Washington D.C. two weeks ago, it becomes more
Januar 14, 2021 | Impact Hub Basel
COVID-19 Update - National Christmas Measures
Today, the Swiss Federal Council announced further nationwide measures. The infographic below shows the nationwide rules that apply
Dezember 18, 2020 | Impact Hub Basel
COVID-19 Update - We must persevere!
Last Friday, Swiss Federal Council announced further measures. The infographic below shows the nationwide rules that apply from tomorrow, Saturday,
Dezember 14, 2020 | Impact Hub Basel
Boost your innovative idea – no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey
Can one learn how to be an innovative entrepreneur? YES! This is why most startup support programs also focus on educational aspects. Usually these
November 29, 2020 | Impact Hub Basel
Climathon: 24 Stunden gemeinsam für den Klimaschutz in Basel
Impact Hub Basel, 17.11.2020 (Basel): Gemeinsam Herausforderungen angehen, zusammen Ideen und Projekte entwickeln: Der Climathon ist eine globale
November 17, 2020 | Impact Hub Basel
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