Climathon is a global movement that is organized locally. So it is a city-based program that offers a clear pathway to climate action. At the core of the Climathon program is a yearly 24-hour idea-marathon, ideathon, that takes place in hundreds of other cities across many continents.

During the ideathon, a diverse group of participants, ranging from policymakers to hackers, youth to academics, students to business leaders, will come together to collaborate on forward-thinking ideas that tackle local climate challenges.

How do we get to “less waste — more respect”?

Day after day, large quantities of disposable packaging are simply left lying around in public places, plants and on the banks of the Rhine – wasting raw materials and labour on cleaning every day. How can we persuade Basel residents to dispose of their waste correctly on the one hand, and to reduce their waste production in general on the other, and to show more respect for the city cleaning services and their employees?

How do we make urban transport even greener?

Basel has a very good infrastructure in terms of mobility (trams, buses, etc.) and supply network (electricity, heating, drinking water etc.) — some of which is visible, others rather hidden. How do we manage to enrich this existing infrastructure with additional innovative uses? How do we make existing infrastructure even more ecological by upgrading it? Examples such as the waste disposal tram from Zurich or the Basel well heaters show us: multiple use is diverse and is exciting in any case!

How do I make my city “cooler”?

More greenery and open areas where rainwater can seep away will lead to a better micro-climate in the city. We humans feel more comfortable and a more diverse habitat can be created for animals and plants. How can people in Basel be motivated to bring more greenery into the city in the long term on their own properties and in semi-public spaces and to unseal areas? What can companies and entrepreneurs do and how?

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