Female Founders Coworking Morning

The Female Founders Coworking Morning Basel is the first regular community-based program in our region focussed on strengthening the ecosystem of (aspiring) female founders and self-employed women by providing opportunities to network, collaborate, and build entrepreneurship skills in a safe and inclusive environment

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Melinda (Basel)

“The FFCM Basel provides te perfect opportunity to learn, share and connect. The female coworking imparts a supportive environment where women come together to collaborate ideas, share their vision for the future. and support one another. Thank you Impact Hub Basel for providing such a valuable resource to the Basel community.”

“The Female Founders Coworking Morning Basel addresses a crucial need by providing a supportive environment for women to gather as they embark on the journey of building and growing their businesses. This vibrant community offers a valuable opportunity for us to notonly support each other but also to forge meaningful connections that empower and inspire usto reach new hights.”


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