Friends, since our grand opening in October, we have been in constant motion. The most recent news to share is that we have officially launched our first startup incubation program!

What is this fabulousness?

The Impact Hub Basel Incubator is a local one-year incubator program supporting sustainable and social entrepreneurs developing and professionalizing their startups within the buzzing, inspiring environment of the Impact Hub world.

Pardon my Americanism, but how freakin’ awesome is that?! It’s exciting to be a part of this work, get to know the founders first-hand and support these creative minds working towards impactful solutions to a variety of challenges.

So who are these change-makers?


Due to our modern carbohydrate-rich diets our brains rely almost exclusively on glucose, which can contribute to energy deficiency in the brain and in turn trigger neurological diseases, such as migraine or Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). KetoSwiss has developed a novel therapeutic for the dietary-preventive therapy of higher-frequency migraines (our main focus) and related diseases that are characterized by a metabolic dysfunction, such as AD. Our patent-protected product is ready to bring to market. We have attracted a lot of interest from potential investors, and funding would support clinical studies and prepare us for market entry with a supplement.

We are currently working on the production process and upscaling. Our lead product’s active substance is an endogenous metabolite; a ketone body (KB), which is used by the brain as an alternative fuel to glucose, when glucose utilization or transportation is compromised. KBs are naturally produced by the liver during fasting/carbohydrate restriction. KetoSwiss strives to bring human identical KBs back into our modern world, without dietary restriction. We develop and test clinically potent, medical quality regulated KB products to combat neurological disorders. KetoSwiss makes Fuel for Brains!


Immense “plastic islands” floating in our seas…microplastics in water and air that cost the lives of many plants and animals every hour….plastic has played a big part of our climate catastrophe; nevertheless, we continue to buy plastic, e.g. in the form of packaging. We at MYCROBEZ want to put an end to this. We aim to replace plastics with a mushroom based alternative. With the help of biodegradable, sustainable mushroom tissue and biological waste such as manure, it is thinkable to replace even more than just hard plastic such as leather, cardboard, rain forest wood or even insulation material. That is why we believe that a future free of unnecessary plastic is possible!


Due to a lack of sustainable and transparent products in the world of textiles, Oliver Trifunovic founded T2RIFF, a brand of multifunctional, European-made sportswear.

For him, the highest standard, both on an ecological and social level, is the top priority. Accordingly, Oliver only works with partners who deeply share his commitment.

Sustainability on three pillars: recycling. BIO. Fairness.

For Oliver, recycling is the epitome of sustainability: an old product becomes a new one. Whenever possible, T2RIFF therefore uses textiles that are made from recycled pet bottles and have the GOTS certificate, and 100% organic for products containing cotton. This also includes the use of sustainable dyes and the avoidance of chemical waste to protect soil and water. The BIO label also guarantees sustainability, i.e. doing business in harmony with nature.

RAK Sustainable Events

Rak Sustainable Events is a sustainable events agency, that focuses on the ethical organization of private and corporate events. We design events, which are fully sustainable, eco-friendly and zero waste orientated. We engage local suppliers and encourage the use of vegetarian, organic and handmade products.

Our goal is to create unique experiences for the audience, participants and clients, raising awareness of a more sustainable and mindful lifestyle. We are aware that big changes do not happen overnight but we can start from within ourselves, making small contributions to our surrounding community, serving as an inspiration to shape stronger environmentally friendly behaviour.


Backpack2school is a Swiss project that is especially important to the Algerian born founders, Nesrin and Houda, who spent their initial school years in Zighoud Youcef, Constantine Algeria. The sisters wanted to create a project where they can be socially involved and contribute to a better future for our world. With Backpack2school they prepare the youngest of our society to be good environmental citizens by inspiring pupils, students to take responsibility for improving the environment at their school, home and in their community.

Mission: Backpack2school is an association that facilitates project weeks at Swiss and Algerian primary schools. With the support of Swiss educational experts, partner schools, pedagogy students and technology we implement international project weeks. We offer an international exchange experience for students and help educate the youngest of our society on social and environmental topics. With Backpack2school we want to empower the youngest of our society to drive positive change in their communities.

So what’s in it for them?

The Impact Hub Basel Incubation Program provides many benefits to the startups:

  • 24/7 coworking access – twice the Nomad Membership Package for the entire program year
  • One day per month of individual coaching sessions with subject matter experts
  • Access to the Impact Hub community & public showcasing platforms like the Kick-Off event and Closing Session
  • Access to our online startup toolbox
  • Continuous support by a mentor-in-residence
  • Hands-on startup expertise through input sessions every second month


What’s that, you’ve got FOMO?

If you’re reading this thinking, “Hey, wait–I’M a startup, too! How can I do this?” have no fear—we will begin accepting applications for the second edition in August 2020. Stay tuned here!

Any questions, ideas or other input? Contact our Program Manager, Anja, at: [email protected].

Thanks to all who joined us to celebrate the launch, and to Soup and Chill for the (always) incredible food.

Carrie Aikman

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