We all know that eating locally produced food has a lower environmental footprint, as does eating a plant-based diet. In Switzerland, it’s quite easy to find locally processed meats, but what about vegetarian protein options?

A large part of vegetarian protein is imported into Switzerland and there are only a few fully Swiss-processed foods on the market. At the same time, the world needs more crop diversity and new approaches to a sustainable food system. Well, the good people at Fyn foods, a local startup, are working to address these issues. They’ve been working with Swiss farmers to introduce alternative crops—organic chickpeas—that have a high nutritional and agronomic potential for the future of Switzerland. Once harvested, the crops are processed into tasty food, such as hummus. By building this local system of produce, process, distribute and consume, Fyn foods has created strong connections to Swiss farmers and implemented a traceability system that provides end-to-end information for the consumer.

Wouldn’t it feel good to know you’re supporting local farmers and producers while devouring your favorite snack? (Ok, maybe you don’t devour, but I’ve had the pleasure of sampling all of their hummus dips and I could not stop myself). If your mouth is watering, then head to one of these stores to get your own. And learn all about the cool creators of this innovative brand and the story of how the humble chickpea is rocking Switzerland here.

by Carrie Aikman

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