Doughnut Economics at Impact Hub Basel: We bring you a Tool for Businesses that want to be regenerative and distributive by design 

On November 7th, the Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL) launched their Doughnut for Businesses Tool. In a five hour action-oriented workshop accredited facilitators guide entrepreneurs to catalyse innovations in their deep design. And we cannot stress enough how excited we are to be an official partner and part of this movement! 


First published in 2012 by Kate Raworth, the idea of the Doughnut rapidly gained international attention, from the Pope to the UN General Assembly to the Extinction Rebellion.

DEAL’s engagement with business focuses on transforming the deep design of businesses, so that they can become regenerative and distributive in their core operations, and hence help to bring humanity into the Doughnut.

The Doughnut consists of two rings: a social foundation, to ensure that no one is left falling short on life’s essentials, and an ecological ceiling, to ensure that humanity does not collectively overshoot the planetary boundaries that protect Earth’s systems.

“Businesses cannot thrive in societies & ecosystems that fail. A regenerative economy goes beyond sustainability and refers to business practices that restore and build rather than exploit and destroy.” Rahel Gerber, Impact Hub Basel 

We, at Impact Hub Basel, offer workshops for our startups as well as for bigger corporations who want to see where they can improve their business socially and ecologically. The workshops help companies to identify their most transformative ideas for becoming regenerative and distributive in their core operations, and then to identify the design changes needed to make this possible. It guides businesses through an ambitious journey of assessing their current impacts, generating transformative ideas in response, and exploring the business redesign needed to make it possible.


For businesses who want to learn more what the Doughnut means for businesses, check out their website.

In this video, you find an introduction to regenerative design.

Please contact us if you would like to book a workshop and/or find out more.

Photos were taken on August 25th, when Basel Area together with Impact Hub Basel, Innosuisse and DEAL hosted an event called  Sustainability – from Nice-to-have to Game Changer (EN) 


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