Where were you last Tuesday? Perhaps you were one of the 270,000 visitors at Digital Day 2019, as was I. Or perhaps you feel you are a ‘non-tech-y-person,’ are convinced it can never help you live a better life, so you generally avoid anything to do with the word ‘digital…’

But if that IS you, Digital Day is exactly what will convince you otherwise.

Since the launch in 2017, Digital Day’s goal is to make digitalisation a tangible experience, highlighting its opportunities and challenges and encouraging an in-depth discussion on this topic. Meaning, it’s for you, it’s for me, it’s for everyone.

And for a self-described ‘non-tech-y-person,’ I must say I got super excited by what I saw.

Since having a positive impact on people and planet is the focus at Impact Hub, I was keen on discovering who had come up with digital solutions to challenges like climate change, clean water, healthy food…y’know, the easy stuff.

Well, imagine my excitement when I found a company ten meters from our booth that addressed all three of those issues. Meet Growcer, a robotic urban farm. Their overarching purpose is to enable the shift from a pesticide, labor, climate and water dependent agriculture to a constant and resource-saving production of food which is economically viable.


“Climate change, population growth and chemical usage in farming will destroy the environment and decimate quality food stocks worldwide. At Growcer, we believe that our Automated Urban Vertical Farm is the solution.”

So, what does automated farming mean? Major benefits, people! 

  • AI & Automation: Keeps costs low and consistent, and quality of produce high
  • Closed Loop System: zero pesticides, less fresh water required, and an all-year round supply
  • Decentralization: less food miles, less CO2 emissions and less food waste
  • Digitalization: energy optimization, less resources and a greater output.

Which translates to this for your produce:

  • Zero pesticides or herbicides
  • Up to 3x longer shelf life
  • Better taste profile — no artificial flavoring, the full natural taste
  • Locally produced, so a faster delivery and ensured freshness
  • No need to wash, ready to eat

So, yeah, they’re my new favorite people now. If you’re as inspired as I am and would like to follow their progress, take a guided tour or even sample their products, click here.

Another one that caught my attention is the Enerjoy. I’m passionate about eco-friendly living, and the Enerjoy app lets you easily track your energy and resource consumption every day. Personally, I believe when you physically see what you’re doing (whether you write down all the sugar you consume, or mark down every kilometre you run), that’s when you’re motivated to make changes. Enerjoy seems to agree, and by using their Smart Coaching it helps us live more consciously and sustainably, reducing the environmental impact we cause. Day after day. Woot woot!

I’m happy to report that as the day was dedicated to the topic of ‘lifelong learning,’ Digital Day 2019 succeeded. With over 90 partners, it would be impossible for me to give you significant details about each participating organisation. But suffice it to say, the tech offerings were fun, innovative and plentiful, from digital medical apps to Smart City start-up kits, e-bike information to cyber insurance protection.

Now, friends, mark your calendars for this time next year, as I have no doubt Digital Day 2020 will be full of even more inspiring, smart ways we can get the most out of life.

Check out the details from #SwissDigitalDay 2019 here.

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