Excited to create impact together?

You will join an entrepreneurial, agile and professional team who empowers each other through trust and transparency to drive change. We will set our priorities together but you will have the opportunity to self-manage your own time and efforts, while knowing you will be supported. Above all, you will join a team who sees each other as fellow humans, not always perfect but we will build together, fail together, laugh together, learn together and grow together!

Who are we looking for?

Project Manager

You are organized, adaptable and love working with people. You enjoy uniting, inspiring and empowering diverse types of people to work towards a common purpose, assertive when need be. You have a knack for planning while maintaining financial oversight. You take initiative to extend outcomes and impact. You are interested and have experience in one or more of the following topics: healthcare, technology and digital, education, circular economy, zero waste, sustainability and space design.

Operations Manager

You are excited to run a purpose-driven co-working space on a daily basis. You have a knack for details but can also be strategic when setting up new processes that are scalable. You enjoy creating templates and standards to make life easier for your team and community.

Community Manager

You love hosting and taking care of the big and small needs of our members on a regular and daily basis. You are passionate about connecting people, businesses and partners around the globe. You are energized from being within our community, and enjoy bringing positive vibes to our co-working space.

Space Rebuilding Project Manager

You are reliable and committed to taking responsibility to make things happen. You are fluent in German and English and enjoy contacting and coordinating with potential suppliers, partners and customers. You love being organized in order to stay on top of the daily challenges.

As part of our activities we are creating an Impact Hub Space in the Dreispitz area in Basel.

There is an existing building office that needs rebuilding to truly reflect Impact Hub values and inspiration for day to day work. The building is owned by Christoph Merian Stiftung (CMS) and is part of a long term project in transforming the Dreispitz from a logistics and industrial area to an urban city cluster. Our Impact Hub Basel will be one of the entry points into this new Dreispitz.

We will be collaborating with CMS and the architects that will transform the building. There will be office/coworking spaces, an event area and a zero-waste café. We will be part of the rebuilding project and we will guide the project from the requirements side, defining what makes a space a typical Impact Hub space. Together with an external consultancy, we defined the requirement from the Impact Hub Basel side. We are planning to include part of our future community in the process and conduct design thinking workshops to define our members requirements of the space. During the planning and rebuilding phase, we will be an active part of the project and will make sure our requirements are met within an appropriate budget.

The planning process from the architects has started in early August 2018, rebuilding the space will start in the fall of 2018 and we should be able to open the space and the café Q2/2019. You will be part of the Impact Hub team, with one of the co-founders as your project partner and most of the current Impact Hub Basel team as your supporter (and vice versa).

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Where would we be without our HubAngels?

For the past year and a half, the journey from Hub Initiative to official Impact Hub Basel has been run on the blood, sweat and tears of our hard-working team, almost all of whom are volunteers. We simply would not exist today if it weren’t for them. Why do they do it? Because it’s awesome! The benefits are plenty, not the least of which are:

  • gaining job skills
  • flexibility
  • meeting the community
  • being part of the global impact movement
  • working with a truly amazing team in a fun, inspiring space!
We are currently seeking HubAngels to fill the following roles

Zero Waste Café Project Lead

You are organized, reliable and enjoy planning. You are interested in zero waste. You are excited about pulling together the right team to create a proposal that will allow the Zero Waste Café to be funded and born within Impact Hub Basel.

Finance Lead

You love numbers. You have the ability to connect numbers and make sense of them. You have a talent for financial planning and are able to support your team on the financial sustainability of the whole operations. You enjoy creating balance sheets, profit & loss statements, cash flow statements, budgets and financial modeling. No matter the request, you know how much the organisation can spend on what at any given time. You enjoy this responsibility and like to support your team in making careful financial decisions.

IT Support

You are well-versed in IT jargon and know a thing or two about networks and software. You are intuitive about how systems can be connected together and how processes can be automated and streamlined. You are user-centric and can develop processes and standards that make life easier for your team and community. You enjoy supporting others by solving IT and digital challenges.

Opening Party Lead

You love organizing creative parties that are inclusive and fun. You enjoy creating productions that are unique, diverse and engage people emotionally. You have a network of diverse individuals and groups whom you can connect to create beautiful synergies. You are passionate about creating a memorable journey for the audience.

Events Support

HubAngel – Events Support, Content Curation

You are passionate about and have experience in one or more of the following topics: healthcare, technology and digital, education, circular economy, future of work, impact finance and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. You have a network of potential speakers and partners in these areas. You are organized and enjoy working with people.

HubAngel – Events Support, Facilitation / Moderation / Hosting

You enjoy public speaking and creative performance. You are trained in hosting methodologies such as Art of Hosting, U-lab or Design Thinking. You are skilled in making people feel relaxed and safe. You have a good sense of group dynamics and energy, and are able to direct this accordingly.

HubAngel – Events Support, Logistics

You enjoy being a runner and support for anything logistical, including catering and physical setup. You are detail-oriented and able to ensure all the little things are taken care of.

Join us to inspire and create change!

If we have piqued your interest and the above resonates with you, go ahead and send us your CV, your role and pensum preference(s) as well as an indication of when you could start to hanna.byland@impacthub.net until the 28th of September 2018. We are open to Job-Sharing and are a Family and Generations – friendly organisation. Please be aware that Hubangelpositions are volunteerpositions and therefore not renumerated. We look forward to hearing from you!