The Impact Hub Basel Incubator is a local 1- year incubator program supporting impact-driven post-ideation startups in Basel who contribute positively to the SDGs in developing and professionalizing their businesses with workshops, continuous mentoring and coaching, and free work spaces in the buzzing, inspiring Coworking of Impact Hub Basel at Dreispitz, Basel.

Benefits for participating startups

24/7 coworking access – two Nomad Memberships for 2021

10 full days of individual coaching sessions with selected experts

5 workshops and 5 peer-to-peer sessions for bringing your startup to the next level

Access to our Impact Hub community

Demo Days and Networking Events (Kick-off and Closing Event)

Continuous support by the Program Manager Anja Nieveler

Who should apply for this incubator program?

You are a startup in the post-ideation stage (preferably with proof of concept, business plan, MVP)

You want to spend at least two days per week at the Hub and be part of our community

You are an impact-driven social or sustainable startup and contribute positively to the SDGs

You are willing to participate actively in our workshops and peer-to-peer sessions

How to apply for the Impact Hub Basel Incubator?

You are keen to take your startup to the next level? You want to make the world a better place? You are looking for new connections?

The selection for the second edition happening in 2021 has already taken place. However keep your eyes open for the third edition; and if you’d like to get help to prepare for your application do not hesitate to contact us.

Startups of the Basel Incubator 2nd Edition 2021

Dedomena is an innovative globally scalable SaaS data analysis portal designed to take urban planning to the next level. We enable city-makers, governments, and businesses to understand and quantify neighborhood life using social data to better plan, design, manage and promote local activities.

Dedomena will soon link a big variety of data sources for Switzerland to gain comprehensive, reliable and actionable (near) real-time insights that can be viewed at any time on a single web-portal, to increase real estate use, local economic development and community connectedness.

Help’n’Trade is a technology startup, which builds next generation mobile marketplace for small local businesses and consumers. Help’n’Trade marketplace for “everything local” helps the local economy, fuels the local communities and cuts your CO2 footprint. Drive sustainability by acting locally!

On Help’n’Trade, business owners can open “local e-shops” with few clicks, become discoverable in a chosen location and sell their services directly to customers. On the other hand, as a consumer you have a choice to purchase a service from a professional service provider, or you ask for help your neighbour and exchange skills, goods and services in the process.

Don’t hesitate and join the Help’n’Trade application.

LIVO is a modular and self-sufficient small building with 40m2 of living space. Due to the building envelope made of solid wood, practically no heating is necessary. The water, electricity and sewage system allows self-sufficient living for at least 20 days.

Due to its modular construction, the small building can be transported by truck to a new location and reassembled within one day. Reusable screw foundations offer almost unlimited location possibilities. LIVO does not produce waste, it recycles it. Modular and self-sufficient, cycle thinking and climate neutral.

Terrabiom is a soil regeneration company which transforms highly degraded lands into regenerative opportunities. We partner with companies, governments, people and nature to tackle the 21st centuries’ biggest environmental challenge. We develop and co-create solutions to recover, regenerate, and valorize the value of soils.

VYN is not only a sneaker brand. Through their circular system of wear, care, repair and the engagement of the customer, the sneaker’s lifetime gets extended by multiple times and reduces environmental waste drastically.

Natural resources are dwindling and landfills are overflowing. Every year 25 billion pairs of footwear are produced with a lifespan of 1-2 years. Europe alone disposes of 2.5 Billion pairs into landfill every year. Away from a passive consumption behavior towards an active wear, care, repair experience, VYN provides a newly constructed sneaker with replaceable parts, tools for the shoe care and inspirational instructions. Our sneakers are made in Italy from premium materials that have been consciously sourced – from the German leathers, the unique Italian sole unit to the Portuguese cork insole.

VYN fosters a responsible, hands-on and joyful interaction by the customer with the product and stands for the mindset “buy less, appreciate more, love for longer”.

Any questions, ideas or other input? Email [email protected] or call +41 76 500 40 53

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