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The Zero Waste Innovation Lab – ZEWIL was created by Impact Hub Basel in collaboration with FHNW, Innosuisse and the foundation Christoph Merian Stiftung to promote economic processes and zero waste innovations that lead to a far-reaching, ideally even complete reduction of waste and resource consumption at every stage of the supply chain.

Support for the Sustainable Development Goals

The ZEWIL program supports three of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations:

Through four different areas, the aim is to raise awareness of the issue of zero waste and sustainability and to establish a local network of interested stakeholders.

In the context of an analysis of best practices, it will be determined how a zero waste operation can be successfully established and operated, which will then be recorded in an open source guide and made available to other companies. Through education and sensitization in the form of events, trainings and workshops, additional interested parties, producers and experts will be connected and the process of sustainability will be simplified.

ZEWIL Startup Accelerator


The ZEWIL Startup Accelerator funding program runs in parallel and supports startups and companies dedicated to this topic on an annual basis. In order to increase the impact nationwide, the ZEWIL model will subsequently be scaled up.

The ZEWIL Startup Accelerator aims to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and build a more sustainable future by enabling startups and businesses to develop their ideas and reach their goals!

We support businesses and startups that deal with the topic of waste and resource reduction, zero waste, and sustainability in the food industry.

Over the course of three months, selected startups and businesses receive assistance with their next steps and processes, expert coaching and mentoring, a workspace, as well as access to our large network of social entrepreneurs, professionals, impact investors, and partners.

Questions, ideas or inputs? Contact [email protected] or call +41 76 500 40 53.

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