SwissCovid App is here!
26 June 2020 - Impact Hub Basel
SwissCovid, Switzerland’s COVID-19 contact tracing App is now launched! Impact Hub Basel would highly encourage all of you to download the SwissCovid App today.

As an impact-focused organization, solidarity in the efforts to curtail the 2nd wave is crucial to us. Why should we all download the SwissCovid App?

  1. The app’s effectiveness increases as more people install it, so we are actively encouraging everyone in the Impact Hub Basel community to support this important initiative. We need more than 60% of the entire population to install the App in order for it to be truly effective.
  2. This App has very high data protection. It is a decentralized system and the data is deleted after 3 weeks. It is completely free, secure and doesn’t collect or send any personal or location data.
  3. It is an effort to protect yourself and everyone you may encounter. It limits the pandemic and helps the economy and society to recover as soon as possible.

You can download the SwissCovid App via:

You can read more about the App, how it works and how to use it online or in the poster from the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health below.

Stay healthy and positive,

Impact Hub Basel team