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Sustainable Christmas Presents
15 December 2017 - Impact Hub Basel
Ahh–the holidays are coming! While festive and fun, this time of year can raise questions around how to give gifts in a way that sits well with your environment-conscious mind. Consumerism doesn’t much complement a sustainable lifestyle, so what’s a person to do? To avoid an “accumulation of stuff” try the “Rule of Three”–you need to be able to eat it, drink it, or experience it! Here are some suggestions to get you started…

For gifts that satisfy food-lovers, check out Vom Fass and their selection of gourmet oils and vinegar, or whiskey and liqueurs. Bring your own bottle or buy one of theirs, and then refill it again and again… Höheners is also good for organic wines and gourmet goodies. And for the person who can’t imagine a better way to wake up than with a good, hot cup ‘o joe, why not have it show up in their mailbox every week? Direct Coffee combines the beauty of coffee with a sustainable, fair-trade business model, and delivers it on your schedule.

For adventurous thrill-seekers how about the gift of paragliding, bungy jumping or white water rafting at SkyGlide or swissraft?

Treat the cultural enthusiast in your life to a night at the theater, be it opera, ballet, a play or musical.

And let’s face it, sometimes we do need new things! To give a gift that ‘fits the eco bill,’ try ChangeMaker. They’ve got plenty of variety from mobile phone accessories like headphones to children’s books, to bath towels. There are 7 shops in Switzerland, including one in Basel, or you can purchase online.

If you’re a do-it-yourself-er, Zero Waste Basel is hosting a Holiday Workshop on Tuesday evening 5th December focusing on green gift-giving. Save the date–details are coming soon! Check out their Facebook page to stay tuned.

We wish you successful gift-shopping!

Myrta Brugger