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Sustainable business development

Our approach

  • Innovation: We think outside the box to move sustainability forward.
  • Co-Creation: We develop and achieve your sustainability goals together.
  • Enabling: We focus on knowledge transfer and provide a network so that you are empowered to continue the path.
  • Connection: The relevant stakeholders are proactively involved. Because sustainability always happens in the context of the community.

Businesses cannot thrive in societies and ecosystems that fail. A regenerative economy goes beyond sustainability and refers to business practices that restore and build rather than exploit and destroy. 

Impact Hub Basel is a platform for entrepreneurs that advocate for a regenerative and distributive economy. One of the key concepts we focus on is “Doughnut Economics“. We believe that it is possible to combine economic success with social and environmental responsibility to create an economy that works for all people and our planet.

Doughnut economics, by British economist Kate Raworth, aims to create an economy that meets the needs of people within planetary boundaries.

  • a social foundation, to ensure that no one is left falling short on life’s essentials (food, health, education, social equality),
  • an ecological ceiling, to ensure that humanity does not collectively overshoot the planetary boundaries (climate change, biodiversity, water consumption) that protect Earth’s systems.

As Impact Hub Basel, we see Doughnut Economics as an important approach to your business strategy. As an official partner, we help your team identify issues and solutions step by step.

open workshops

team workshops


The steps to your sustainable organization 



  • Spark joy in the topic and show opportunities in sustainability
  • Focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


  • Impulse events in our space
  • Creative project spaces
  • Our network and community
  • Our “teal” way of working
  • Our coworking space

Analysis & Strategy


  • Develop your sustainability strategy
  • Define focal points and objectives
  • Get management and stakeholders on board


  1. Stakeholder analysis
  2. Stakeholder roundtable
  3. Material analysis
  4. Strategy workshop

Analysis and Strategy is delivered in close collaboration with our partner institutions.



  • Develop concrete sustainable measures aligned with your strategy
  • Design activities, services and products


  • Design-thinking workshops
  • Impact hackathons



  • Implementation support
  • Transfer to the business environment


  • Professional project management
  • Support during the implementation phase
  • Fundraising workshops



  • Visability
  • Community bulding
  • Involvement of employees, suppliers, customers and strategic partners


  • Communication and marketing support (videos etc.)
  • Impulse events
  • Ninja missions for employees



  • Evaluation of sustainability goals
  • Establishment of an impact measurement system


  • Impact massurement workshop
  • Evaluation tools

Tim Thompson is happy to provide further insights via email [email protected] or phone 077 501 52 17.