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Social Impact meets Coffee 2/2
20 January 2018 - Impact Hub Basel

As for the environmental impacts of bringing coffee to the good people of Switzerland, well, this is unavoidable. After all, the only other option is to…NOT…drink…coffee…undenkbar! But Michael and Marie have taken steps to ensure that the impact is as small as it can be: there are no chemical fertilisers or pesticides used in the growing process; irrigation is not necessary; and the water used to wash and process the coffee is fed back into the water cycle via a natural purification tank. And to compensate for the impacts from shipping their coffee, they are working with Green Ethiopia to calculate the impact and plant trees. For a more detailed look, click here.

There are so many “little things” this dynamic duo has not only thought about, but actually provided solutions for. And they continue to try and improve even on those. With packaging, they’ve found an aluminium-free envelope (thus saving resources), and they offer a Nespresso®-compatible capsule that is 100% biodegradable! And to top it all off, the shipments are prepared by people with disabilities. Which means they not only have the pride and responsibility of a job, but they also get to dance at work! I suppose we all could dance at work, but…

Have a look at this grooviness for yourself…

If these two sound like people you’d love to learn from, you aren’t alone! Lucky for you, they’ll be a part of our March event, so make sure you register on Eventbrite or Meetup!

Or for the more coffee-curious adventurer, they offer a wonderful ‘immersive tourist experience’ to help build a bridge between farmer and consumer. Next trip is November…dust off your passport!

Carrie Aikman