Simon Rindlisbacher

Simon grew up in a small town near Biel. He studied history, political science and media science at the University of Bern. After obtaining his Masters Degree he worked in the Marketing & Communications Department of a Swiss bank geared towards sustainability for ten years, ending up as the Head of Marketing & Communications.

A civil service assignment in a certified organic restaurant in Basel sparked Simon’s passion for sustainable food and gastronomy. It is this passion as well as his longing to contribute to a world worth living for everyone that brought him to Impact Hub Basel. There he works as a Co-Manager of Café spurlos.

Simon enjoys to be productive. He is a creative achiever with a sound love for details and well balanced structures. As a learner he likes to acquire new skills and to get to the bottom of things. His empathy helps him to take the perspective of others and thus to connect and relate easily to people from various backgrounds.

When he’s not at the Hub, Simon likes to spend time with family and friends, to cook and eat, to enjoy good music, to brew beer or discover the Baselbiet on his road bike.

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