Our Space Rebuilding Journey

We’d like to take you on our #RebuildingJourney for you to see how much sweat, tears and hard work we’ve put into our space, but also to share all the fun, laughter and cool co-creation with you!


At work or home, how can our every-day actions contribute to improving a building’s overall energy usage? And why should we bother? Currently, the building industry accounts for 40% of global energy use, 30% of energy-related GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions, approximately 12% of water use, and nearly 40% of waste (source: United Nations Environment Program).

We can do better!

During our Old Building – New Life event energy advisor Udo Schuster from IWB gave us some great insights on how to realize our big vision of creating an energy-efficient coworking space! On the way to a “Zero Emissions Building”!



Become a Member at Impact Hub Basel

We are currently creating our #CoworkingSpace and work hard to make it the best #CommunitySpace in town! Interested in being part of it? Check out our memberships and give us some information about your needs with the form and we will get back to you end of July!

Making Coworking Spaces Work For You

We will be debuting our own coworking space in October 2019. In the meantime, we’re working on curating a space that is welcome to our future members and users – just have a look at our #RebuildingStories. This space should not just inspire innovation and collaboration, but also be a place of safety and productivity. Here I’ll share some of the insights we’ve gained on coworking spaces (so far).


The Journey of Tea Leaves

The ‘coffee culture’ has hit practically every corner of the world, with coffee being consumed at incredible rates. This isn’t surprising. Coffee is delicious! And coffee shops are so inviting…in a cozy Café , one can be alone but also surrounded by the energy of other people…it’s a place to do some work, but also find distractions when a break is needed. For many of us, a cafe feeds us in a way we don’t find elsewhere.