Our Memberships


Handelskammer beider Basel

The Basel Chamber of Commerce, as the “voice of business”, represents the interests of companies in our region and sees itself as their mouthpiece for economic policy. It also offers its members interesting services. The 2,100 members get access to the largest economic, political and social network in the trinational Basel region as well as personal contacts with opinion leaders and politicians at exclusive events.


As everywhere else in the world, more and more people in the Basel region are committed to a respectful approach to nature and fellow human beings, beginning to question what they are used to, joining forces and actively transforming their living space and their way of life. Community gardens are laid out, utensils are shared, things are saved from rubbish, reused or repaired. Cars are replaced by bikes, relationships with local farmers are established, neighborhoods are revived, local currencies and means of exchange are put into circulation, and solidarity is shown with global movements, critical questions are asked and demonstrations take place on the streets.

The BaselWandel networking platform attempts to link all these movements more closely so that synergies become possible and a strong and diverse community can grow from many small projects. We promote communication between committed people and organizations.

Riva Digital

Riva Digital aims to promote digital health solutions. In particular, digital instruments in the health sector, which increases the health competence of the population.

Thanks to the high level of expertise, experience and know-how of its members, the Riva Digital Society focuses on supporting the promotion of individual health. To this end, it uses its networked competencies within the Swiss health care system and creates attractive incentives with new ideas, solutions and content. Within these priorities, the Riva Digital ecosystem plays a central role.

Switzerland Global Enterprise

Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) guides its clients on the path to new markets. On behalf of the Swiss Confederation (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO) and the Swiss cantons, S-GE promotes exports and investments by helping its clients to realize new potential for their international businesses and thus to strengthen Switzerland as an economic hub.

As the driver of a global network of experts and as a trusted and strong partner to clients, cantons and the Swiss government, S-GE is the first point of contact in Switzerland for all questions relating to internationalization.