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The Backpack2school educational initiative accompanies international school projects on the topic of Education for Sustainability, enables exchange programs for students of pedagogy and builds bridges between primary schools, universities and other institutions outside of Europe. They enable teaching experiences for prospective teachers around the world.

As part of the #BaselIncubator program we are happy to be part of Impact Hub Basel!

Nesrin Bourbia & Houda Bourbia, Co-Founders

Backpack2school supports the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Well-trained and highly motivated teachers are the backbone of any education systems. The increasing cultural heterogeneity in Switzerland has changed the requirements for today’s teachers. The prospective teachers require strong intercultural competences to meet those requirements. According to studies, intercultural competences are ideally developed abroad. However, the current statistics of student mobility show that only 4% of students of pedagogy are taking part in an international mobility program. One of the reasons for the low participation is that the current mobility programs offered at the universities are not tailored to the needs of prospective teachers.


Ascentys Advisory is building a tool that allows medium to large sized companies to “easy and automatically” measure their complete Strategic Sustainability Position.

“I am a member at Impact Hub Basel to be part of a community of like-minded people.”

Jerome Raguin, Founders

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