Marica Hug

Marica is from the Basel area, a graduate student from Gymnasium Münchenstein and has since then been working in different positions, such as an intern at Novartis in Procurement Third Party Risk Management and as a waitress at the Fondation Beyeler. As of September 2020 Marica will be studying part-time for her BSc in Business Econimics at the FHNW.

She is focusing her energy on designing operations for the Impact Hub Basel, provides assistance for projects and takes great pleasure in setting up new systems and tools for process improvement.

Marica has a great desire to learn, likes to be challenged with new problems to solve and takes immense satisfaction in being busy and productive. She is intrigued with the unique qualities of each person and can sense other people’s feelings by imagining herself in others’ situations.

In her free time she loves spending time with her friends (preferably at the Rhine over a glass of good wine), working out in the gym, singing loudly in her living room or enjoying the benefits of a Netflix account.

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