Manuela Koch

Manuela is a new member of the Café spurlos team and excited for all the upcoming hours spent serving good coffee, having good talks and exploring the inspiring space of Impact Hub Basel.

She grew up in the mountains as well as in the hills of Switzerland, spent a few years in Bern for her bachelor’s degree in Social Anthropology and Business Administration and is now reconnecting to Basel.

Being a nature enthusiast on the one hand, she now tries to gain more knowledge on how to live a life that doesn’t harm nature by doing her Master in Sustainable Development at the University of Basel.

In her free time she likes to take in nature by hiking, skiing or doing photography in the mountains and hills of Switzerland and other parts of the world. On the other hand, she has a great passion for hospitality. Cooking for friends and family at home and now working in the Café spurlos fills her with joy.