Lukas Biry

Lukas was born and raised in Basel. On his father’s side, he has a strong affinity with Basel, as one of the oldest Basel-based families. Despite this local affinity, Lukas is regularly drawn to faraway places. He has travelled to almost 60 countries around the world by bicycle.

In his heart he is a homely herd animal, but according to Gallup he is also a doer, a visionary, summed up; an influencer. You can meet Lukas either as a DJ at a party, as a retro roller skater dancing through the city, jetting through the world on a bicycle, or making an oatmilk-cappuccino.

When he’s not supporting Impact Hub Basel, he is involved in one of his many projects, such as the Encourage Retreats, which are holistic yoga holidays in tipi tents in the Swiss mountains. Or at the Capsule Hotel project as sales & partner manager, or as yoga and massage studio owner at Hyve in Basel.

Email Lukas or visit his LinkedIn profile.