Kate Bottriell

I’m a nature-loving Canadian from Ottawa, married to a Swiss guy I met while traveling in Ecuador. I’ve been in Switzerland since 2014 and live in a small village in the Aargau countryside.

Founder of Basel furniture platform ecochair.ch, and have spent most of my career working with consumer goods companies, governments and for international organizations on sustainable sourcing for agriculture and forestry products.

In the role of Circle Lead for the Circular Furniture, Architecture & Built Environment Cricle, which is building a network to inspire circular design thinking is these sectors.

I like to roll up my sleeves and get things done, and I’m good at taking big ideas and turning them into clear next steps; I love to ask ‘why’, and have a knack for public speaking and facilitation.

My favorite things to do are losing myself in the backstreets of little towns in far-away places, reading books while lying in the grass, and enjoying a glass of wine with friends. I also enjoy dreaming about building an eco-friendly log cabin in Canada with my husband.

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