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It Happened – Our Housewarming Par-TAY!
2 May 2019 - Impact Hub Basel
What a night! For the first time, our community members got an exciting sneak-peak at the future home of Impact Hub Basel!

A 20-minute walk from Launchlabs…welcome!

Three groups walked over from Launchlabs to our new space. As a little game, members guessed the time it would take to walk over. Congrats to Rebecca G. for her stellar skills! Her time won at 21:45 – the closest to the average time the groups took of 22:23.

Once there, not only did we all get to move around the large space and envision the design, but the Zero Waste Cafe team presented the concept of the cafe while sustainably-produced wine and “salvaged” beer flowed (the beer was about to thrown away due to it’s expiration date…disaster averted!).

Since we’re all about innovation at the Hub, it wasn’t surprising to see the creative up-cycled tables and seats. Loved them! And just so you can fully appreciate these, imagine this…they were literally rolled across the street from the electric company to our building by some of our team members!

Following the discussion on the Zero Waste Cafe front, the pot-luck officially opened (the three children that attended may or may not have already been partaking). Delectable sweet and savoury dishes were shared among friends—a special thanks to all who contributed a yummy dish!

Good vibes and conversation filled the empty space, and I for one, did not want to leave. I’ve said it before but, darn it, I guess I’m going to just keep saying it—y’all are a fantastic bunch to be around. Thank you for being part of Impact Hub Basel.

Carrie Aikman