Entrepreneurs and children have something in common: they find solutions that change what we define as possible.

Innovators for Children is a collaborative effort between Impact Hub Bucharest, Impact Hub Basel and Fondation Botnar supporting early-stage innovations focusing on improving the health and well-being of children and young people in Romania. By providing training, mentoring, funding and connections into local and international entrepreneurial communities the program accelerates impactful and innovative solutions that help change the future for children.

Creative & innovative solutions

Innovators for Children is looking for early-stage, Romanian startups with a working prototype or that have been commercially in the market for less than a year. Aiming to support solutions that deliver impact at scale the program focuses in particular on technological innovations, high-leverage products or services, and systemic solutions.

The 12 startups selected for the program

Arttachment is an application designed to support the relationship between parents and children, guiding parents to support the emotional, social and cognitive development of their children.

Asociatia KinetoBebe has developed and implemented prophylactic and innovative projects, providing parents with educational information and therapeutic services for children from neonatal age.

Auttie App is a virtual assistant helping children with speech problems improve and develop their vocabulary, through augmented reality (AR) with 3D objects and Text-to-Speech algorithms.

CivicTech România, a nonprofit initiative developing a solution that improves the quality of life of hearing impaired children by facilitating communication between hospitals and beneficiaries.

EduMarket is an online platform that promotes courses, workshops and children’s camps.

InovEd offers online courses for teachers and parents related to child psychology and neuro-science education, aiming at emotional, physical and cognitive development.

iVra – immersive virtual reality in autism is a therapeutic technique applied to children diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorders by reproducing and simulating hyperstimulation scenarios.

Kinderpedia is a software solution that optimizes administrative processes and places collaboration between educator and parent at the heart of the educational act.

Living Robotics proposes solutions in the field of medical robotics (upper and lower electrically powered lower legs for people with disabilities) accessible to any social category.

Timlogo is a logopedic digital speech therapy platform with a high degree of interactivity and language training that directly helps children with speech, exercise speech and speech recognition.

UberPixel-Nummo is a Romanian speech therapy application for children with a cochlear implant.

Wello platform based on artificial intelligence dedicated to children with weight problems and their families.

Awareness Conference for Innovators for Children

On 09 April, Impact Hub Bucharest, (one of) our acronym twin(s), hosted a joint-conference on innovation in children’s public health in Romania, with speakers from UNICEF, Vodafone Foundation, and local organizations. We were there, and want to bring you behind-the-scenes insight.

Read up on the Conference in our short’n’sweet blog post.

What participants get

Total funding of up to 100’000 euros

Board of mentors and health experts for regular advice and feedback rounds

Mentoring and training

International Market trip to Basel, Switzerland

Access to the Impact Hub community

Opportunities for development and access to additionalsources of funding

Any questions, ideas or other input? Email adam.collins@impacthub.net or call +41 76 500 40 53

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