Ina Wecken

Ina is a creative and curious creature driven by a way of life the Greeks call Kefi (look it up if you are interested ;-)). Ina studied Biology in the UK, during this time she started developing a deep seeded interest in sustainability, starting a social enterprise in food sustainability and participating in various sustainability programs.

After her studies she travelled through South America, where she decided to make herself independent. She started teaching herself filmmaking, which is the skill she offers as a HubAngel to Impact Hub Basel.

She likes to question everything and wants to invoke curiosity in others to see the world through new perspectives. She also loves to combine inspiring content with her creative juices to produce food for thought that is visually stimulating.

Outside of the Hub, she is usually found in nature doing sports (climbing, yoga, skiing, etc.), cooking, or dancing till no one is left on the dancefloor.

If you want to make a movie for your own project contact Ina or visit her LinkedIn profile.