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Impact Consulting

Together we are working on reaching your sustainability goals by applying innovation tools and latest frameworks. We empower you with know-how and connect you to the relevant network so you can keep making progress. Plus, we make sure that the people who matter most are involved because sustainability is all about the community.

Impuls Sessions

Sustainability Basics for SME

For everyone at the beginning of their sustainability journey: The basics of sustainability brought to you in a simple and practice-oriented approach.

Content and learning objectives:

  • Basic knowledge on the topic of sustainability for SMEs
  • Appetite for more, instead of bad conscience

For whom:

  • Owners of an SME
  • Sustainability officers in their new role

Circular Economy Intro

For everyone at the beginning of their sustainability journey: The basics of sustainability brought to you in a simple and practice-oriented approach.

Content and learning objectives:

  • Understanding the concept of the circular economy
  • Inspiration with best practice examples

For whom:

  • Owners of an SME
  • Product developers
  • Sustainability officers in their new role

Impact Workshops

Inner Development Goals

Cultivating the inner skills and qualities necessary to deliver more conscious and sustainable outcomes in business and society.

Content and learning objectives:

  • Knowledge, training and experience in each of the five goals of inner development: being, thinking, relating, collaborating and acting.
  • Experiential & action-based learning that informs how sustainability can be driven in organizations.

For whom:

  • Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • People & Organizational Developers
  • Sustainability Managers

Doughnut Economics

Setting the right priorities for your sustainability strategy – combining the concept of planetary boundaries with the complementary concept of social boundaries.

Content and learning objectives:

  • A new economic concept – the world as a doughnut
  • Innovative approaches for the environment, the people and the customers of tomorrow.

For whom:

  • Owners of an SME or start-up
  • Sustainability managers
  • Organizational developers

Impact Hackathon

How should sustainability goals be implemented? Motivate employees? Increase commitment? At the Impact Hackathon, many ideas and solutions are developed together in a short time.

Content and learning objectives:

  • Relevant, out-of-the-box solutions Measures for the implementation of the sustainability strategy
  • Increasing motivation of all participants – also beyond the hackathon

For whom:

  • Sustainability Manager
  • Innovation Manager
  • All those who translate sustainability strategies into concrete measures

Circular Economy Sprint

Thinking in circles and acting for the future.

Content and learning objectives:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the concept of the circular economy
  • Ideas for circular solutions at product/service and business model level

For whom:

  • Product developers
  • Sustainability managers
  • Innovationsmanager & Intrapreneur

Impact Measurement

Step by step to the impact logic of your project.

Content and learning objectives:

  • Basics and the most important definitions
  • Understanding why impact measurement is beneficial
  • Appropriate tools and best practice examples

For whom:

  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Fund managers, asset managers and investors dealing with sustainability matters
  • Social associations and NGOs

We support you every step of the way


Analysis & Strategy





From setting your sustainability strategy to implementation and involvement of the key stakeholders: Together with our partners we guide you through a structured process from A to Z.


colourkey Impact Strategie und Umsetzung

Angela Zulauf, Managing Director colorkey

“Impact Hub Basel supported us in the development of the sustainability strategy, the implementation of this strategy, the execution of two workshops and counseling on specific questions on sustainability topics. We perceived the cooperation as professional, goal-oriented and communicative. We can highly recommend Impact Hub as a consulting partner.”

Go Circular in Life Science

Dr. Emmanuel Oertlé, Chair of Executive Committee, Go Circular in Life Science

“Working with the team at Impact Hub was a great experience, and their expertise and support were instrumental in achieving our goals. A highlight for me was seeing the enthusiasm and engagement of the participants, which was a testament to the effectiveness of the collaboration. I would highly recommend working with Impact Hub, and I look forward to future projects with them.”

Our Impact Experts

Marina Hasler

With a strong background in international management her expertise ensures efficient operations while her outgoing nature fosters positive outcomes.

Olena Bolger

Olena’s extensive background in the circular economy equips her to craft innovative strategies and champion sustainable practices. Her precision and thoughtful approach are invaluable assets in making a positive environmental impact.

Anja Nieveler

With extensive experience in managing international programs, Anja brings a wealth of knowledge. Her passion and positive attitude make her a driving force.

Rahel Gerber

Rahel’s extensive expertise in impact investments, environmental conservation, and well-being initiatives establishes her as a seasoned leader fostering transformative outcomes for businesses and the environment.

Our Partners