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Global Entrepreneurship Week Basel
8 – 14 NOVEMBER 2021

Moving Entrepreneurs Forward, Together: November 8-14, 2021 – With the “Global Entrepreneurship Week – Basel” we offer our city the platform to present itself to a national and international audience and to establish networking opportunities in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Basel and beyond.

GEW Basel Ninja Events 2021

Other events during the week

Come experience the energy of the events organised by the Basel Entrepreneurship community including games, conscious entrepreneurship, the power of the region and much more. The Ninja events are those which we wholeheartedly support as GEW Basel but for which the energy comes from outside the committee.

Daily Morning Meditation

Daily Morning Meditation

From Monday till Friday we will start 7:30 with a guided meditation session of 20 minutes. Please arrive latest 7:28, we will close the session once the meditation has started. Register here.

Toolbox: Building with No-Code products

Register here!

Digital Leadership

Every entrepreneur is a leader, this event looks at how you can prepare yourself to be a digital leader. Register here.

Compass knowledge mgmt.

How do you find the next big idea? Help to collect and synthesis YOUR startup idea. Support in knowledge management. Register here.


ShaRide: Startup Simulation Game

Do you want to test drive being an entrepreneur without the risk of disappointing investors and losing your job? Register here.

Future Pharma Dinner

The Future Pharma Dinner will take place on November 11, 2021 at 6 pm on the campus of the School of Life Sciences FHNW in Muttenz. Register here.

Sponsoring partners

We are very greatful for our supportive sponsors who make this week possible.

Impact Hub Basel

2021 Theme “Youth Entrepreneurship”

Entrepreneurs create jobs, increase innovation, increase competition, and respond to changing economic opportunities and trends. Entrepreneurship provides other positive externalities. A young person starting a new business can have “demonstration” or learning effects, as he or she can act as a role model for other young people.

We want to show young people in the Basel region entrepreneurship
as an alternative to the “classic career path” and provide a platform
for entrepreneurs who are already active.

Impact Hub Basel

Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop

November 10, 2021; 18:00 – 20:00

The end of school, your training or your studies is in sight, but you don’t know what to do next? Are you ready to shape the future, but the classic job doesn’t inspire you much?

Take your future into your own hands and learn about an alternative career path. Meet young entrepreneurs and self-employed people at our Global Entrepreneurship Week event and be inspired by their careers. And who knows, maybe you’ll start your own business afterwards or meet future comrades-in-arms…

  • Keynote: Futurists (skills, training, working world, contracts, gig economy)
  • Inspiring short presentations by the young founders
  • Moderated exchange between the two groups (young people and founders/self-employed)

The event is for free, there is no attendance fee.

Basel Entrepreneurship Gala 2021

12th November 2021

Moving Entrepreneurs Forward, Together: The past year, we have been helping entrepreneurs, young and old, move their businesses forward. Now the time has come for us to move, and celebrate all the successes of our Basel entrepreneurs with the first edition of the Basel Entrepreneurship Gala.

The Organising Committee

Christian Baechler
Board Member, Global Entrepreneurship Network, Switzerland and Advisor for Business Development, Marketing & Sales at Baechler Consulting.

Douglas Häggström
Board Member, Global Entrepreneurship Network, Switzerland, Former Manager DayOne Accelerator, Advisor to corporates and startups on Growth and Strategy.

Philipp Bracher
Contributor to the Global Entrepreneurship Week, Innovation & Organisation Development, Founder woowai AG, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

Céline Bedu
Contributor to the Global Entrepreneurship Week, Social Entrepreneurs Support Program Manager at Impact Hub Basel

Maarten Van Winckel
Contributor to the Global Entrepreneurship Week and Bio-Campus Project Lead at the Innovation Office at the University of Basel.

Virginia Schumacher
Contributor to the Global Entrepreneurship Week, Co-Initiator of the FEMtrepreneurs Initiative and Lead Skills & People at the Innovation Office at the University of Basel

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