Georg Gusewski

Georg has a Master in Philosophy, Biology and Biological Anthropology. He has worked in medical ethics at the University of Basel, is co-founder of the Philosophicum Basel and has been working as a teacher for general education at health vocational schools since 2012. Since May 2019 he has been working at ICT Bildung (BL) and of the CAS PICTS-BFS at PHZH.

He deals with the topic of digitization and its challenges in our society; in particular in his vocation, teaching. Also close to his heart are social and ecological issues for which he has worked in various contexts (e.g. Amnesty Students Basel, Cesci, Ekta Parishad (India)).

In his free time, Georg can be found with his partner and his two children in the woods and on the playground or reading Platon over a beer or glass of wine.

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