Furniture, Architecture & Built Environment Circle

The Furniture, Architecture & Built Environment Circle is a network of individuals and organizations interested in the circular economy, as applied to the furniture, architecture and built environment in Switzerland.

The FABE Circle is an initiative of the Impact Hub Basel, and part of the Swiss-wide Circular Economy Transition program of Impact Hub Switzerland.

Switzerland is one of the world’s design capitals, producing furniture classics, world-renowned architecture and innovations in building science. With such a depth of expertise, there is a great opportunity to share experience and inspire innovation.

The Problem

As we look to the future, our challenge is to design objects and environments that keep products and materials in use, and regenerate natural systems; what we call circular design. But what does this mean for the user experience, business models, and how different elements of the industry and supply chain work together?

The Goal

We aim to inspire your thinking through design portraits of Swiss furniture, architecture and the built environment, exploring how circular thinking is being implemented in their design, material selection, and service models. We are planning a series of events over the next year including workshops, speakers, tours and networking to achieve this aim.

This circle is for you

The FABE Circle is open for anyone to join. We welcome both those already working on circularity and sustainability, as well as those just beginning and interested to learn more.

Are you doing interesting work related to circular design, or have some great ideas? We would love to hear from you: for example, as a speaker at one of our events, feature you in our newsletter updates, or plan an event with you. Just fill in the form above.

Case Studies

Our aim is to bring you practical examples from local Swiss companies, organizations and projects that have implemented circular designs and processes. You are welcome to contact us for more information about these case studies, as well as approach the case study owners themselves.

  • 200-1000 words
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.

Share your circular/sustainable story, idea, solution, question or other input via email to [email protected] or call +41 76 500 40 53.