Emily Langloh

Emily is originally from Basel, but has lived in many different countries over the last years. After finishing her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Basel, she moved to Israel, where she did her Master’s Degree in Global Migration and Policy at the University of Tel Aviv, while coordinating different humanitarian and social projects.

At Impact Hub, Emily is now managing the Zero Waste Innovation Lab, as well as client relationships and partnerships.

Emily takes great satisfaction from being productive and active. As a strategic thinker, she enjoys being challenged by tasks and having to find alternative solutions to problems, while keeping in mind the bigger picture. Her favorite thing is to connect with people and to bring them together for a good cause.

Outside of the Hub, Emily loves to spend quality time with friends and family and to explore the world, including new cuisines and languages. Her passion for social impact and human rights also lead her to be involved in volunteer projects in her spare time.

Email Emily or visit her LinkedIn Profile.