Clementina Piani

Clementina comes from Udine in northern-eastern Italy. Over the last years, she has been working in communications, partnership and project management in European, regional and non-governmental fields in Belgium and Italy.

Eager to drive changes that matter, Clementina joined the innovative ecosystem of Impact Hub Basel to learn more about grassroots engagement and resilient development of communities. Today she is happily supporting the Incubator program, assisting the project manager, and following the cool startups…having a lot of fun in between!

Passionate about public policies and systems, she is committed to connect creative ideas and dream up passionate projects. In her free-time she enjoys moving – no matter the means, on foot in the mountains or cycling along rivers. When she feels lazier, you will find her with a good glass of wine planning how to change the world.

Email Clementina or visit her LinkedIn profile.