We have gone through this once, and we are confident we can go through the second wave stronger and wiser. It will no doubt be a test for our personal and business resilience in the upcoming months. Worries aside, we put our creative minds and hearts together to bring more inspiration and sustainable change to and with our community we love, for it is the reason why Impact Hub Basel started after all.

At an extraordinary meeting on Sunday 18 October, the Federal Council introduced several further national measures to combat the rapid rise in coronavirus infections. The government council of Basel-Stadt is also tightening the cantonal COVID-19 regulation. The new measures agreed by the federal government and the cantons aim to better protect the public’s health and to prevent the health system from becoming overwhelmed in the coming weeks and months. The intention is also to considerably curb the number of new cases so that the cantons can continue to contract trace effectively. Despite the restrictions, it is hoped that the economy can continue to function and people can live their lives with as little disruption as possible. Both new sets of measures are effective as of Monday, 19 October.



If you have any questions, concerns or want to share your ideas, please reach out to us via email ([email protected]) or via phone (+41 76 500 40 53, 9am-5pm).

Stay safe, everyone, and big air hugs to all of you!

Your Impact Hub Basel team


Face masks are mandatory:

Public events:

Private events:

Spontaneous gatherings:

Bars, clubs and restaurants:

Home office recommendation:


Coworking Space

Café spurlos


Face masks

2020 – ein Jahr wie kein anderes. Die Welt wird durchgerüttelt und neu sortiert. Und jetzt? Jetzt schmieden wir gemeinsam die Zukunft der Schweizer Wirtschaft! Am 28. Oktober ist es wieder so weit: Das Forum ö öffnet auf dem Gurten seine Türen.

Das Forum ö ist das jährliche Treffen der nachhaltigen Wirtschaft in der Schweiz. Unter dem diesjährigen Motto «Und jetzt? Gemeinsam die Zukunft der Schweizer Wirtschaft schmieden!» diskutieren am 28. Oktober Vor- und Querdenkerinnen aus Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft über die Chancen und Herausforderungen einer nachhaltigen, resilienten Wirtschaftsentwicklung.

Aktuell und kollaborativ: Diese Themen erwarten dich

Das Forum ö am Puls der Zeit: Aktuelle Themen und Dauerbrenner werden in abwechslungsreichen Formaten diskutiert. Als Einstieg hören wir zwei spannende Inputreferate zu den Themen “Klimawandel, Biodiversität & Zoonosen” von Maja Göpel und “Agenda 2030 & Covid-19: Was können wir aus diesem Jahr lernen?” von Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter, Verwaltungsratspräsidentin BEKB, gemeinsam mit Daniel Dubas, Delegierter des Bundesrats für die Agenda 2030.

Danach wird es kollaborativ: In unserer Zukunftsschmiede kommen wir ins Tun und erarbeiten in sechs parallelen Breakout-Sessions gemeinsam mit unseren Partnerunternehmen Lösungen.

Du hast die Qual der Wahl zwischen:

  • Internationaler Klimawandel & Resilienz der Wertschöpfungsketten
    (in Kooperation mit: BAFU und Infras)
  • Neuer kooperativer Einkauf – Fokus Kreislaufwirtschaft und Textilien
    (in Kooperation mit: Shift Switzerland, Pusch, swisscleantech, wickedprojects)
  • Unternehmenstransformation & Wertewandel
    (in Kooperation mit: Schweizerische Post, BEKB und Musterbruch und SHORT CUTS)
  • Gemeinsame Mehrwerte der Agenda 2030 für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft?
    (in Kooperation mit: Swisscom und ARE)
  • Implementierung der Sustainable Development Goals
    (in Kooperation mit: Energie 360°, IWB und sdgx.org)
  • Nachhaltige Berufsbildung
    (in Kooperation mit: éducation 21, unterstützt von dem 2291 Generationenteam)

Als krönender Abschluss: Im Gespräch mit Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, eh. Co-Präsident des Club of Rome, und Annabelle Ehmann, Klimastreik-Bewegung Schweiz. Beim Netzwerkapéro im Anschluss lassen wir den Tag mit Blick über Bern ausklingen.

Am Forum ö 2020 ist Mitgestaltung Konzept: Es werden gemeinsam Projekte geschmiedet, Geschichten geschrieben und Nägel mit Köpfen gemacht. Lass dich von Pionieren und Peers inspirieren und erweitere dein Netzwerk. Und vor allem: Lass uns endlich gemeinsam vom Know-how ins Do-how kommen – direkt am Forum ö in unserer “Zukunftsschmiede” und darüber hinaus. Sei dabei! Hier kannst du dein Ticket kaufen!

Nora Zindel, öbu

Hello, friends! As we continue adjusting day by day due to COVID-19, here is the latest from the Swiss government as of 21 August 2020…
Important update: extended mask requirement in Basel-Stadt effective Monday, 24 August 2020, valid until 31 December 2020.

The Basel-Stadt government just announced today the following additional requirements for Basel-Stadt due to the increasing number of COVID-19 infections:

  • It is now compulsory for everyone 12 years old and above to wear masks in all sales outlets and shopping centers.
  • it is now compulsory for all employees of restaurants, bars, clubs, discos and dance halls to wear masks where there is no plexiglass protection (in direct contact with customers).
  • It is now compulsory to wear masks in some school grounds (Gymnasien, FMS, Berufsfachschulen), not in classrooms where safety distances can be ensured.

What does this mean for our coworking space? There is no requirement to wear masks in the Hub yet as we can maintain distance. We, of course, still encourage you to maintain our safety measures with regularly sanitizing your hands and desk areas and greeting others with distance in mind. We have plenty of masks that you can buy from our host desk just by the ground floor entrance if you need one. The government has already mentioned they are continuing to watch the cases in Basel-Stadt and therefore may increase the mask requirements to more areas if need be.

If you have any questions, concerns or want to share your ideas, please reach out to us via email ([email protected]) or via phone (+41 76 500 40 53, 9am-5pm).

Stay safe, everyone, and big air hugs to all of you!

Carrie and your Impact Hub Basel team

In September 2020, KLEIHD by SHAREaLOOK will open its doors to Zurich residents. The ongoing crowdfunding campaign #sustainkleihd should contribute to a successful start and make the boutique the first Swiss rental fashion hub. In addition to the borrowable women’s clothing, women will also find baby clothing there, as well as sustainable premium labels, and can use the boutique as a station for peer-to-peer fashion exchange.

Why fashion rental makes sense – The fashion industry produces up to 150 billion items of clothing a year. According to the Global Fashion Agenda, the global volume of clothing and shoes produced is expected to increase by 81 percent to 102 million tons a year by 2030. Such growth does not come without consequences. According to the United Nations Environment Program, greenhouse gas emissions from the fashion industry will increase by more than 50 percent over the same period. So while consumers buy more and more clothes, they wear the individual items of clothing less and less often. The clothing industry is already responsible for around eight percent of global C02 emissions. The year 2030 is crucial here, because it is set as the deadline of the Paris Agreement in order to keep global warming from rising by 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The fashion rental boutique KLEIHD was founded in 2016 as an association of committed volunteers. After four years the association decided to hand over the project to the partner company SHAREaLOOK in order to facilitate further growth. “The founders of SHAREaLOOK pursue the same mission as we do and have the energy to drive the project forward,” sais Alena Zehr, club president of KLEIHD.

Co-Founders of ShareALook

Co-Founders of ShareALook

“We believe in the power of consumers and would like to work with them to establish a new understanding for fashion. The disposable culture of the fast fashion industry is harmful to the environment and disrespectful to the textile workers who make our clothes,” stated Natalia Marassi and Pia-Maria Laux, founders of SHAREaLOOK.

How Fashion Rental works

The fashion rental boutique has a range of around 1000 high-quality items of clothing, from business and everyday clothing to evening dresses. Through new collaborations, the range is expanded and geared towards higher quality. The SHAREaLOOK team also plans to strengthen the KLEIHD boutique with a seamless online & offline presence. Customers can sign-up for monthly memberships and borrow up to five items of clothing per month for CHF 60. At sharealook.com styling appointments and outfits can be booked to the day. Women can then pick them up at the boutique or have them sent home.

In addition to the KLEIHD range, members can create their own profile on sharealook.com, upload pictures of their clothing and offer it to others to borrow. Just like you can do with your own apartment on Airbnb. The boutique serves as a meeting point for picking up and returning the borrowed looks.

About the current Crowdfunding

The crowdfunding project #sustainkleihd was started in late June to ensure a smooth restart of the boutique. Special memberships are offered during the crowdfunding campaign. Instead of only 5 items per month, members have unlimited access to the more than 1000 looks in the rental collection by signing up at a monthly rate of CHF 60. The money collected is used to refresh the range and take over the inventory of the predecessors. To support the project, go to Sustain Kleihd’s project page on crowdify.


SHAREaLOOK is a fashion tech startup, which has made it its mission to enable the transition of fashion into a circular industry. The company was founded in April 2019 as part of the Circular Economy Incubator of the Swiss Impact Hub. On sharealook.com, individual consumers, as well as brands or shops, can offer their garments to lend or rent looks from others.

Pia-Maria Laux

Tired after a long day working in our coworking space at Dreispitz, Basel? Hungry and want to explore offers around our space? Impact Hub Basel has you covered with the best options for everything food, fun and fashion in Dreispitz.

A: Auf dem Wolf for some bargain second-hand finds – clothes, furniture and more!

B: Bowling Center Basel to rock some stylish shoes and have fun with friends

C: Café spurlos for some guilt-free drinks and food, spacious terrace, as well as groovy Afterwork beats

D: Delinat to pick up some great wine from producers who care about sustainability (some are even vegan too!)

E: Elysia to listen and dance to some sick beats

F: Fachhochschule Nordwest Schweiz to meet for lunch and learn about all things digital and design

G: Garage Basilisk in case your car needs some tender love and care

H: HEK to interact with electronic art

I: iart to visit a local design agency dealing with digital technology

J: Jobfactory for a quick meal or gift – they have everything from clothes to baby products to musical instruments

K: Kunsthaus Baselland to explore regional contemporary art

L: Laurenz-Stiftung Schaulager for multi-sensory contemporary projects

M: Merian Gärten for a dose of greenery and beautiful flowers

N: Crazy Nails because you might want to feel dressed up even when you’re naked!

O: Offcut to bring and/or buy unconventional materials

P: Point de vue so you can rent equipment to make all your filmmaker dreams come true

Q: Qualipet because our pets need food and fun (and sometimes fashion) too!

R: Alterna Recording Studios for all your rockin’ musical production needs

S: Sport Museum to learn more about sports equipment, and experience the “mobile museum”

T: Thüring AG, flooring store if you’re in the midst of a fabulous home make-over project

U: “Unglaublich gross Auswahl” of second-hand goods at Heilsarmee Brocki

V: Viertel for some after-afterwork festivities

W: Werner Druck & Medien to print out the posters for that film you’re making (see P)

X: Radio X to hear some great music, and a segment featuring Impact Hub Basel’s very own Carrie Aikman

Y: TanzStudio You Dance, put on your dancing shoes!

Z: Basel DreispitZ, the tram/bus stop to use for all this exploration…have fun!

Caroline Steiblin & Carrie Aikman

Ever wonder how Impact Hub Basel team members are collaborating? While we would very often write about what we do, this blog post might give you a glimpse into how we do…

Teal Journey

In the early days, while our Co-Founders were defining what Impact Hub Basel would stand for and exploring how they wanted to work, Frederic Laloux’s book, Reinventing Organizations, inspired them and so the journey began. Frederic Laloux describes in his book the different paradigms of the human organizations through the ages and sheds light on a new one: the Teal organization.

Drawing on the Integral Theory and framework of the philosopher Ken Wilber, Frederic Laloux refers to something much larger than a new organizational model. It relates to the subsequent stages in the development of human consciousness, which are mirrored in how we manage our organizations.

As we evolve and grow, Impact Hub Basel uses the three Teal breakthroughs as guiding stars for developing our future of work, a workplace that is different from what we know as a “company”:

Where everyone takes responsibility for his/her actions and very few rules and control mechanisms are needed – not to be confused with lack of structure!

Bringing all of who we are to work.

Evolutionary Purpose
An organization that has its own calling and a powerful drive to move toward that calling.

Our Teal journey might prove long, arduous, and take many years – we might even never “reach” our final destination! But rooted in who we are, these principles are reflected in our Mantra and Co-Manifesto, and we continue uncovering better ways of working together and delivering valuable and sustainable products and services by doing it and helping others do it.

Teal Sessions

Rather than being strictly dedicated by a book or a single person, our structure and practices are discussed, designed, and constructed as we progress through our Teal journey during specific team workshops, aka our Teal sessions.

Whenever a team member senses a need, he or she takes the initiative and leads the next Teal session. From decision-making to onboarding or meeting facilitation, each of our practices is transparently set up, with an emphasis on the why – and how this is serving our purpose.

Friday, 12 June 2020, was kind of a special day for the Impact Hub Basel team. For the first time, after three months of Corona-related work-from-home restrictions were eased, everyone was there – in-person – in our beloved coworking space.

Thanks to our big event venue, the Impact Factory, we could hold our team meetings on that day, face-to-face (with the necessary distancing measures) and no virtual technology between us.

Perfect timing for a Teal session! So leaving our desks for a couple of hours, we looked at our communication and feedback culture, with the support and intervention of IntegralWorks.

The session started with a walk-through of the stages of consciousness development by Silas from IntegralWorks. IntegralWorks developed two maps of evolution, building on the Integral Theory and Ken Wilber’s AQAL framework that helps to explain people’s paradigm.

An inspiring and (self-)challenging exploration of how to better communicate

What are the essentials of communication from a Teal perspective? Together with Silas, we particularly looked into the communication line and how each worldview is associated with a different communication style.

The Orange meme is rational, empirical with little attention given to feelings. The pluralistic Green meme is communicating in a friendly and rather indirect way, showing empathy, and relativizing all differences in perception and consideration. The Teal meme is looking for authentic and more direct communication.

The discussion that followed revealed very different perspectives and we naturally engaged in a reflection on our organizational and individual needs. Fortunately, everyone in the team is looking for meaningful and satisfying communication and feedback – signs of good recruitment I believe! But what means “satisfying” for me and what means “satisfying” for my colleague? Is each of us daring to be fully ourselves on the spot when an emotion arises, or do we require a particular setup? Is our safe space really safe?

When we have been told for so long what is “politically correct” at the workplace, when we have learned to control our emotions, or display a more appropriate emotion or not at all… How to create and maintain a space where we share emotions, stories, and opinions, as well as have hard conversations that can help solve challenges and help each other to grow and be better?

We all agreed that emotions are an essential part of being human and there is no question on recognizing that the whole spectrum of feelings is important. Emotions are important indicators, giving us vital information about what matters to us, hence emotions matter!

Sessions Laloux acknowledges it, “showing up whole feels risky”

But then, how do we become more aware and curious about our feelings and emotions and investigate where they are coming from so that we can fully show up and be present in every setting, every role, every context in which we participate?

As a first practical step, we experimented with “circling”, an authentic relating practice helping to focus inward on our emotions and feelings, get in touch with “here and now” and paying attention to what is happening to our body and mind. We then shared how the exercise made us feel. Next step(s) to be revealed by our next Teal session! For now, the circling practice will be tested in the coming weeks and we will be scheduling reminders for ongoing conversations.

Working with our feelings is an integral part of our Teal journey and the team is dedicated to it. We do have frictions, but they are an invitation to constantly review, evolve, and improve how we work together, which we know is as important as what we work on.

I am proud of our Hub, enjoy working there, and wish that people everywhere could work in such conditions if they choose to.

Céline Bedu

PS: Want to know more about conscious business, the integral model, and stages of development? Join the free webinar offered by IntegralWorks on the maps of evolution on Friday, 17 July 2020.

PPS: Want to know more about Impact Hub Basel and its culture? Just pass by! Or sign up for one of our events.

SwissCovid, Switzerland’s COVID-19 contact tracing App is now launched! Impact Hub Basel would highly encourage all of you to download the SwissCovid App today.

As an impact-focused organization, solidarity in the efforts to curtail the 2nd wave is crucial to us. Why should we all download the SwissCovid App?

  1. The app’s effectiveness increases as more people install it, so we are actively encouraging everyone in the Impact Hub Basel community to support this important initiative. We need more than 60% of the entire population to install the App in order for it to be truly effective.
  2. This App has very high data protection. It is a decentralized system and the data is deleted after 3 weeks. It is completely free, secure and doesn’t collect or send any personal or location data.
  3. It is an effort to protect yourself and everyone you may encounter. It limits the pandemic and helps the economy and society to recover as soon as possible.

You can download the SwissCovid App via:

You can read more about the App, how it works and how to use it online or in the poster from the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health below.

Stay healthy and positive,

Impact Hub Basel team


Yes, you are reading this right! As of next Tuesday, 2 June, we will be reopening our coworking space, meeting rooms, event venue, community kitchen and Café spurlos to the public. 🙂

11 weeks! Can you believe that during this time, a global pandemic has descended upon us to a point that we closed our doors, started working from home everyday and became digital geniuses? We have achieved a lot during this time together but we are certainly incredibly happy to finally get back to a new “normal”.

Impact Hub Basel coworking,meeting rooms and event venues: The opening hours for the Impact Hub Basel coworking space, including meeting rooms, event venue and the community kitchen are Monday to Friday, 09.00-17.00.

Café spurlos: The opening hours for Café spurlos are Monday to Friday, 11.30-20.00.


Your health is of utmost importance to us!


Based on the Phase 1 and 2 reopening since April 27, the national government has updated their guidance for Phase 3 which is applicable as of June 6. The picture below summarizes the new measures very nicely, a few measures have been highlighted below that have implications for you and the Hub.

As of 30 May (Phase 3)

As of 6 June (Phase 3)

Upcoming measures



Personal Hygiene and Social Distancing

It has been 5 weeks since we’ve started working from home and closed our Hub to the public. It was and still is a turbulent time full of new challenges. At Impact Hub Basel, we do our best to #FightCovid19 and at the same time continue to #InspireAndCreateChange.

We’d like to take a moment to reflect on what we have achieved as a community and update you on what has happened in the world of Impact Hub Basel:

Next at Impact Hub Basel for you:

As a team, we agreed on where we want to go with Impact Hub Basel, and we’ll keep moving ahead with social innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship! It is certainly not easy to stay motivated and be innovative during these times, but we have proven we can do it! So as we look ahead to an uncertain future on the surface, we stay creative, positive and proactive. Inspired by VersusVirus, we have decided to embark on our own Hubathon in May to tackle our Impact Hub Basel strategic directions.


Last Thursday, 16 April 2020, the national government held a press conference to update the public on the measures and road to reopening. As you can see in the picture, this will happen in 3 phases. Based on this guidance, we have decided to keep our Coworking Space, Impact Factory and Café spurlos closed to the public at least until the end of May. You can read on to the rest of this blog post for the details of this guidance and measures that may apply to you.

If you have any questions, concerns or want to share your ideas, please reach out to us via email ([email protected]) or via phone (+41 76 500 40 53, 9am-5pm)

Big air hugs to all of you!

Your Impact Hub Basel team


Effective since 16 March 2020 until at least 31 May 2020:

Pandemic Team


The national government has provided their guidance for reopening in the following 3 phases.

27 April

11 May

08 June

General measures



Personal Hygiene and Social Distancing

Hygiene in Shared Space

Schools and Childcare

Impact Hub Basel team

If you would have asked me a couple of months ago if I would participate in a hackathon and lock myself up during a weekend when it would be more than twenty degrees outside, I probably would have said “Let me think about it”. But after sitting at home for almost 3 weeks, where a shower is basically my most exciting part of the day, I was in desperate need of a challenge. So, when someone told me about the Versus Virus initiative a few hours before the registration deadline, I quickly decided to embark on the journey. And what a journey it turned out to be.

What became clear when the hack started on Friday afternoon, is how similar the digital world can be to our everyday life. Just as in the real world, there were technological struggles, and just as in the real world, it was hard to form a team of like-minded and motivated people. Kudos to the Versus Virus organization for keeping a cool head whilst managing a Slack channel of almost 5,000 people posting questions, comments and pictures of their cats.

It was late Friday evening when I finally found a challenge that spoke to me and a team of about 5 active people that I aligned with. Our team chose the challenge called “True Heroes“, which was asking for a way we could systemically rethink the value we appoint to different professions. Why do some soccer players make a thousand times more than a cashier in a supermarket? How can we value and protect our most essential workers during and after a crisis like Corona? We decided to focus on heroes often taken for granted, the people working in the food sector from farm to table.

When we got to work Saturday morning, we were reminded again of why we were spending our time on this hackathon, with one member of our teaming dropping out due to a problem with his lungs. It was a stark reminder that Corona is just around the corner for all of us, and that we should combat this disease whichever way we can. Over the hours that followed, our team ended up downscaling to 3 people who took the project and ran with it.

It’s difficult to describe the 30’ish hours that followed because they went by so fast but were so dense with connections, ideas and an amazing energy. I saw people helping each other left and right, mentors reaching out to different groups when they had some down-time, and a hackathon that constantly developed in those 48 hours, being a prime example of an agile project, learning at lightning speed.

But if I had to choose one word to describe my experience it would be exhilarating. Because that is exactly what it felt like, constantly switching between team calls on Zoom, following online announcements and workshops by the Versus Virus team, working on the slide deck, and doing design work in Illustrator and Premiere Pro. Have I ever learned more about my skills and how I interact with people in 48 hours? Probably not. Have I ever been this focused in my life? I doubt it. Luckily, I had someone in the house to provide me food and drinks because otherwise I would have certainly been starved by Sunday evening.

And that Sunday evening brought forth many emotions. Emotions of happiness, pride and hopefulness. After the team pressed save on our submission for the last time and the deadline had passed, I remember walking into the bathroom, looking at my tired face in the mirror, and raising my arms in the air, over the moon with the work that my team and I had managed to produce over the weekend. The cherry on an already amazing cake came Monday evening, with our project being selected as one of the 42 highlights of the Hackathon. But honestly, that felt less important, as for me this was never truly about the amazing projects, many of which will certainly develop to make a big impact on society. No, Versus Virus for me was always about showing our innate capacity as human beings to connect in times of crisis. And to show that no matter what we may find along our path, as long as we keep on finding and helping each other, we will be alright in the end.

Maarten Van Winckel