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Completeness of the members list


The Backpack2school educational initiative accompanies international school projects on the topic of Education for Sustainability, enables exchange programs for students of pedagogy and builds bridges between primary schools, universities and other institutions outside of Europe. They enable teaching experiences for prospective teachers around the world.

«As part of the #BaselIncubator program we are happy to be part of Impact Hub Basel!«

Backpack2school supports the following Sustainable Development Goals:

«Well-trained and highly motivated teachers are the backbone of any education systems. The increasing cultural heterogeneity in Switzerland has changed the requirements for today’s teachers. The prospective teachers require strong intercultural competences to meet those requirements. According to studies, intercultural competences are ideally developed abroad. However, the current statistics of student mobility show that only 4% of students of pedagogy are taking part in an international mobility program. One of the reasons for the low participation is that the current mobility programs offered at the universities are not tailored to the needs of prospective teachers.«

ecochair.ch strives to reduce the amount of new furniture purchased, to reduce our impact on the planet. They do this by selling and promoting local second-hand, vintage and upcycled furniture, teaching people how to repair and refurbish things themselves and connecting them to local businesses that offer repair and refurbishing services.

«We were looking for a community to interact that shares our values, and offers opportunities for new ideas, synergies and partnerships – and found it with Impact Hub Basel.»

Kate Bottriell, Founder

ecochair directly tackles sustainable consumption and production patterns, by seeking to reduce the manufacture of new products, and equally reducing the waste generated by discarded furniture. Buying second-hand, repairing or refurbishing all displace the manufacture of new products. By doing so, ecochair works towards the following Sustainable Development Goal:

merakoi offers a variety of services to address barriers between healthcare companies and patients. They often struggle to collaborate efficiently and often miss the opportunity to integrate patients’ voices where it matters most: creating new healthcare solutions. Merakoi makes working with patient experts compliant, simple, impactful and fun!

«We are part of Impact Hub Basel’s community to network, communicate, have great and inspiring people around us and the most important thing to have fun.»

Silja Chouquet, Co-Founder

MYCROBEZ envisions a plastic free world and to contribute substantially to enabling a circular economy. The goal is to reduce the use of unnecessary plastic, mainly focusing on packaging solutions to replace expanded polystyrene.

«When we applied for the incubator program we were just looking for access to a broad network and some infrastructure. Instead we became part of a vibrant community that is open and willing to help. Giving us so much more then we could have hoped for.«

Mosas Pilscheur & Jonas Staub, Co-Founders

By reducing the amount of Plastic and power required to produce packaging, MYCROBEZ directly mitigates CO2 entering the atmosphere and plastic ending on landfills or the oceans and thus, works towards the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Furthermore, according to Mosas, […] the current status quo in the packaging industry is nonrecycled and noncircular packaging made from various types of plastic. Thus, our solution gives a responsible and innovative alternative to the existing problems […]  and by doing so, work towards

FAB Learning is contributing to a positive impact on the world through the creation and curation of learning opportunities that promote new ways of thinking toward a common sustainable future. Learning marketplace of tutorials, courses, programs and projects, curated for how these contribute to making the world a better place. Learners follow a path from awareness of our world’s challenges to learning new, sustainable ways of thinking and about existing solutions, and onward to taking action within their spheres of influence.

FAB Learning consists of the platform Everyone’s a Teacher, helping subject-matter experts and organizations design and develop their own courses in their areas of expertise, and College For A Better Worlda sustainability learning marketplace.

«I felt right at home at Impact Hub Basel ever since the first meeting in June 2017. I was looking to collaborate with passionate and creative people who strive to have a positive impact on the world.»

Russell Jones, Founder

By creating and curating learning opportunities that promote new ways of thinking toward an environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling human presence on this planet, FAB Learning is working towards all of the Sustainable Development Goal via:

RAK Sustainable Events is an event management agency that offers a sustainable and circular concept for organization of corporate events. The RAK sustainable model gives corporations an opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment and community simply by choosing the right way of organizing an event. Core focus is on integrating all event management stakeholders in a circular economy, using the most of resources, reducing waste and reducing greenhouse gasses.

«We want to be part of an inspiring ecosystem that brings sustainability values into focus. We also wish to expand our knowledge and skills in order to share our vision and make an impact; and to collaborate with inspiring people who share the same sustainability mindset.»

Sanja Pancic, Founder

RAK Sustainable Events supports the following Sustainable Development Goal by engaging local farmers and suppliers with a goal of getting the best quality food for events and at the same time supporting local agriculture and economy. RAK focus on making the most of available resources, using alternative reusable and recyclable solutions in order to equip event services while minimizing waste. RAK plans carefully and considers every event circular step from initiation to realization. The goal is not to create just a short-term experience for the guests but raise awareness of a more sustainable and mindful lifestyle:

TRAIN TO RIFF – short T2RIFF – develops multifunctional high quality sport clothing, which is manufactured sustainably: Recycled. Bio. Fair.

«I chose to work at the Impact Hub Basel because they have two great things: 1. Focus on sustainability 2. Worldwide unique community«

Oliver Trifunovic, Founder


Ascentys Advisory is building a tool that allows medium to large sized companies to «easy and automatically» measure their complete Strategic Sustainability Position.

«I am a member at Impact Hub Basel to be part of a community of like-minded people.»

Jerome Raguin, Founders



Christine Dubach, Founder

b-visual is contributing through said key activities to the following Sustainable Development Goal:

Resonance supports whole organizations and individuals to transform to more wholesome and wise actors through coaching and focusing on following key words: Well-being, resilience, mindfulness and resonance.

«I am a member of Impact Hub Basel, because of the community of purpose-driven people.»

George Peterburs, Founder

Resonance is contributing through said key activities to the following Sustainable Development Goal:


Currents&Tides is a Swiss consulting company that implements organizational development with the clear focus on new, less hierarchical forms of collaboration. They accompany organizations that deliberately embark on the adventure of working in a meaningful and lively way with fluid structures, broad distribution of responsibilities, and flexible collaboration. Currents&Tides focuses on agile (leadership) competencies, practices, development approaches and organizational forms of a new world of work. For several years, they have built up competence and gained concrete experience in this field.

«We work at Impact Hub Basel, not only because a co-working space is very suitable for our business but also because we find here a purpose-driven environment that matches perfectly with the DNA of our work.»

André IlgUrsula Jucker, Co-Founders

Currents&Tides supports the following Sustainable Development Goal:

«In our work it is always important to us to respect the individual time that people and organizations need for their development and to create the necessary space for it, without losing sight of the goal.»

Digital Development & Learning Kux (DDLK) offers innovative online training on customer acquisition, sales and customer loyalty. Long and expensive business trips including overnight stays in seminar centers give way to cost-effective, flexible and intensive online training. DDLK has decades of experience in adult training and use the latest internet technologies (Cisco WebEx).

«We chose to be part of Impact Hub Basel because of the international combined with local network.»

Gabriella Kux-Wagner & Stephan Kux, Managing Partners

Digital Development & Learning Kux is reducing travel by offering innovative online training and thus, works towards the following Sustainable Development Goal:

Funcional Health Tech is specialized in data intelligence, providing management services that integrate the entire healthcare industry chain. Over the past 20 years of experience, the company has accumulated a client portfolio comprising of pharmaceutical companies, operators, health brokers and over 100 corporate clients, connected to over 70000 pharmacies. The Funcional Health Tech team is comprised of business, health and technology specialists, which ensures differentials in quality of care, processes and products, bringing effective results to clients.


Ricardo S. Mattos Jr, Board Advisor

Funcional Health Tech supports the following Sustainable Development Goal:

mimacom consulting is a consulting spin-off supporting clients with Scaled Agile Transformations to become Lean Organizations.

«I am at Impact Hub Basel, Lorenz at Impact Hub Zurich and Ben at Impact Hub Berne. It gives us the flexibility to work where our clients and partners are. And we work among the greatest talents around and learn from jams with them.«

Marc Rieben, Senior Consultant

By applying OKRs and by helping organizations transform into Lean Organizations, mimacom consulting enables (or at least simplifies) the avoidance of waste of any resources combined with the demand for continuous improvement, i.e. to create a balance between efficiency and effectiveness for all those involved, already provides the ideal basis for integrating a sustainability strategy including appropriate measures and by doing so, mimacom consulting works towards the following Sustainable Development Goal:

Xpreneurs help individuals, teams and organizations discover their unique strengths and how they can tap into and leverage their full potential. Xpreneurs focuses on the natural talents and strengths of people and helps business leaders in fostering environments where people are flourishing for their own and their employers benefit.

«We are part of the community at Impact Hub Basel, because of the great network with open-minded people.»

Patrick Scheuerer, Founding Partner

Xpreneurs supports the following Sustainable Development Goal:

«We create change operating under holacracy.«

Stiftungen & Initiativen

nachhaltig wirkt was founded in 2008 and creates ecological, social and financial added value with every service. For this purpose they – together with partner companies from other areas – put together specific teams. The main goal is to make sustainable management, work and life easier and more accessible to the mainstream.

«Impact Hub Basel is a great organization and philosophy and I was supporting Andre Moeri and the Founders from the beginning.»

Pierre Strub, Founder

nachhaltig wirkt strives to work towards all the Sustainable Development Goals by:
  • Implementing specific services (operations, projects, product development, communication) for companies to increase competitiveness and reputation as well as sales of sustainable products and services
  • Stakeholder engagement, creation of political or voluntary measures and favorable framework for sustainability
  • Creating awareness via communication and campaigns
  • Enabling sustainable investment and projects by connecting companies and investors

SWISSKIDS Foundation is committed to healthy children worldwide. It is the only children’s aid organization in the German-speaking area that addresses the needs of children living in Switzerland and those of children in developing countries at the same time. With the principle of calorie sharing, the SWISSKIDS Foundation is fighting with its Fitschool projects against the worldwide development of different calorie consumption of children.

«With the projects of the SWISSKIDS Foundation we want to become a global movement to help as many children as possible. There is perhaps no better place in Switzerland to find like-minded colleagues and to benefit from an international network than the Impact Hub.«

Uwe Roll, Founder


Fundament is an impact investor (Startups and SMEs successions) focusing on sustainable food and circular economy.

«Sustainable & social businesses are definitely our future. Therefore I am keen to get to know exciting business ideas and exchange with like-minded people at Impact Hub Basel. And – although technology is great – I am still a big fan of direct & personal interaction.«

Rahel Gerber, Investor

Weitere Mitglieder

Nicolas Weber is an individual member at Impact Hub Basel. He is not engaged in any particular business yet, but wants to contribute to a more sustainable future.

«I love what Impact Hub Basel stands for. A community of like-minded people, an organization which embraces diversity (gender, culture, etc.). I like the dynamics of the co-working space. And it was Impact Hub Basel which introduced me to a realistic world view (i.e. the circular economy).»

Nicolas Weber

Membership Benefits

All members get the following benefits:

  • 20% off event venue bookings
  • 50% off room bookings
  • Discounted day passes (CHF 10 discount)
  • Discount on event tickets
  • Exclusive member-only events
  • Business promotion support
  • Access to all Swiss Impact Hubs
  • Access to our Global Community