COVID-19 Update – We will get through this together!
29 Oktober 2020 - Impact Hub Basel
The number of cases of people infected and the number of people requiring hospital treatment are rising rapidly. In order to curb the spread of the coronavirus while keeping the economy going, the Federal Council decided at yesterday’s press conference that there will be no lockdown but have introduced a set of additional measures effective as of today – Thursday, 29 October 2020.

These measures have and will continue to influence our private and professional lives. We can expect that these measures will now accompany us for quite some of the foreseeable future but at the same time we are aware that circumstances and measures might change fast again.

We from Impact Hub Basel would like to send you a clear message:

  • You are not alone. We are all in this same boat of sailing through uncertainty, through a storm of different feelings. Let’s be there for each other: virtually, but also (in safe distance) in person.
  • Heartbeat. We want to keep the heartbeat of Impact Hub Basel going. We will continue to use all options and possibilities that exist to keep driving and building our organization. Instead of hibernating, we’ll go sailing in the waves 😉
  • You matter. Each and everyone of us, as well as our close people around us, do have different, individual needs in this very specific situation. Let’s not forget our empathy, understanding and respect for each other’s needs and decisions. If you come to the Hub, please respect the current regulations but also the boundaries of others who might be there.

If you have any questions, concerns or want to share your ideas, please reach out to us via email ([email protected]) or via phone (+41 76 500 40 53, 9am-5pm).

Let’s stay strong, healthy and mentally positive!

Your Impact Hub Basel team


EFFECTIVE 29.10.2020

Mandatory wearing of masks extended:

  • (NEW) at outside entrance areas, such as shops, venues, restaurants and bars, or at farmers’ and Christmas markets.
  • (NEW) at busy pedestrian zones and wherever the required distance cannot be maintained in public spaces.
  • (NEW) in schools from upper secondary level upwards.
  • (NEW) when working indoors (except at workspace, as long as distance can be maintained).
  • on public transport, at train platforms, train stations, airports, bus stops, tram stops and other public transport access points.
  • in publicly accessible interiors including all shops, shopping centers, banks, post offices, museums, libraries, cinemas, theaters, concert halls, zoological and botanical gardens, animal parks, restaurants, bars, gaming rooms, hotels (not guest rooms), entrances, receptions and dressing rooms of swimming pools, sports facilities and fitness centers, in medical practices, hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, churches and religious institutions, advice centers and quarters, publicly accessible public administration buildings, businesses with personal services with physical contact such as hairdressers and massages.
  • in general if the required distance of at least 1.5m cannot be maintained and protective measures cannot be taken.
  • except for:
    • children under the age of 12
    • persons who are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons
    • guests in restaurants and bars when seated at a table

Public Events

  • (NEW) Events with more than 50 people are no longer allowed. There are exceptions for meetings of parliaments and municipal assemblies, political demonstrations and petitions (collecting signatures) where precautionary measures are in place.
  • Contact details must be collected.

Private Events

  • Many people become infected with the coronavirus when families and friends gather. Gatherings should be avoided where possible.
  • (NEW) Events with more than 10 people are no longer permitted on private premises.

Spontaneous Gatherings

  • Spontaneous gatherings of more than 15 persons are not permitted in public spaces such as town squares, streets, paths and parks. The aim is to prevent private events moving outdoors.
  • Gatherings of up to 15 people must apply distancing rules or must wear masks.
  • Organized outdoor events such as political and civil society demonstrations are permitted provided precautionary measures are observed.

Recreational Sporting and Cultural Activities

  • (NEW) Recreational sporting and cultural activities with more than 15 people are banned. Exceptions: practice and training sessions for children up to the age of 16 and professionals.
  • (NEW) Contact sports are prohibited.
  • (NEW) Performances by amateur choirs are prohibited, although professional choirs may continue to practice.

Bars, Clubs and Restaurants

  • Restaurants:
    • (NEW) No more than four people will be allowed to sit at a table in restaurants and bars, with the exception of families with children.
    • (NEW) All bars and restaurants must close between 11pm and 6am.
    • Consumption in standing areas is now prohibited.
    • The required distance must be maintained between the groups of guests sitting at the tables or special protective devices must be provided.
  • (NEW) Discos and nightclubs will be closed.
  • Food and drinks may only be consumed while seated, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Contact details are to be collected in all restaurants.


  • (NEW) Higher education institutions will have to switch to distance learning from Monday, 2 November. Classroom teaching is still permitted at compulsory school level and at upper secondary schools (baccalaureate and vocational schools).

Homeoffice Recommendation

  • Employers must as far as possible allow homeworking and make sure staff are protected in the workplace.
  • This will prevent large numbers of people coming together, particularly at peak times, and reduce close contact in the workplace.
  • It will also reduce the risk of a whole work team having to go into quarantine if one member becomes infected with COVID-19.

Economy Support 

  • (NEW) Kurzarbeit (short-term work) allowance is extended from 12 to 18 months and can be applied retrospectively from 1 September 2020.
  • (NEW) Self-employed people and people in an employer-like position have access to the Corona income replacement (EO). 
  • „Hardship“ measures for particularly badly affected companies are being introduced.
  • Support measures are being introduced for sport, culture and public transport.

Rapid Tests

  • (NEW) From 2 November 2020 it will also be possible to use rapid antigen tests to detect Covid-19 infection. This will enable broader and quicker testing of members of the public. It will be possible to rapidly detect and isolate more positive cases among the population. The rapid tests are paid for by the federal government – but only for those people to whom the recommendations of the BAG apply.

New Threshold for Travel Quarantine

  • (NEW) The number of positive tests per 100,000 head of population (incidence) in Switzerland is higher than the European average. For this reason the Federal Council has modified the quarantine rules for travelers. The change enters into force on 29 October 2020. Now only countries and areas where the incidence is more than 60 higher than in Switzerland will be put on the quarantine list.
  • (NEW) You will find all the changes to the travel quarantine rules in the media release and on the Information for travelers page.


EFFECTIVE 29.10.2020

Coworking Space

  • Impact Hub Basel will stay open for members and public.
  • Food and drinks may only be consumed while seated, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Contact details must be given at the host desk.

Café spurlos

  • Our Zero Waste Café will stay open for members and for public.
  • (NEW) No more than four people will be allowed to sit at a table, with the exception of families with children.
  • Food and drinks may only be consumed while seated, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Contact details must be given to the Café.


  • (NEW) Events with more than 50 people are no longer allowed.
  • Our planned events are being evaluated case by case if they will be in-person, hybrid or completely online.
  • All events taking place in-person or hybrid follow our strict Events Safety Concept.
  • In all cases of in-person or hybrid events, contact details of all participants will be collected.

Face Masks

  • (NEW) Face Masks are mandatory in the entire Impact Hub Basel and Café spurlos space, including the outdoor covered area except for when you are sitting, if the distance can be maintained.