We create, curate and connect purpose-driven communities. By building trust and initiating exchange we encourage innovation.

Community Building

We believe that purpose unites people and it gives people a sense of belonging. We curate, host and moderate events, workshops, webinars, social gatherings and 1-on-1 exchanges. We actively select formats based on the purpose and objective of the specific session, e.g. teaching and learning, awareness raising, networking, ideation, crowdsourcing for solutions or personal development. We pride ourselves on delivering meaningful gatherings where our community leave the session energized and satisfied.

Building a Community takes time and patience. We will discuss with you individually on a suitable timeline. Contact us via [email protected].

Community Membership Package


CHF 45 / month

For those who don’t need an office desk but want to connect with purpose-driven people and dive into a supportive innovation ecosystem in Basel, our Community Membership is for you. Join other members for our community offerings like lunches, afterwork drinks and hiking days, get access to our events and strengthen your network. And if you need to work or hold a meeting at our space, make use of the discounts on day passes, meeting rooms and event venues.
In addition to the vibrant local community, members from Impact Hub Basel also have access to the spaces and communities in Impact Hubs all around Switzerland and the world!

Membership Benefits

The Community Membership package comes with the following benefits.

  • 20% off event venue bookings
  • 50% off room bookings
  • Discounted day passes (CHF 10 discount)
  • Discount on event tickets
  • Exclusive member-only events
  • Business Promotion Support
  • Access to all Swiss Impact Hubs
  • Access to our Global Community